Where Do We Donate?
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How Can You Help?
We would love your support in the form of a new child’s book, gift card to a book store, or small donation so a book can be purchased on your behalf. We would like all donations made no later then Dec 1st 2018 to allow time to organize for the donation drop off.
Every Child Deserves A Book Of Their Own. Reece Reichelt
What Books Are Needed?
Reece’s Second Year Collecting Books 2016
Over 600 Books Have Been Donated In 3 Years
Reece’s First Year Collecting Books 2015
Reece’s First Group Colletion For The Local Christmas Hamper Was Toys in 2014
Reece’s Third Year Collecting Books 2017
Why Books For Kids?
December 1, 2018 Saturday at 9 AM
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